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Pipe jacking fit for most cities in the world

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publish:2022-12-20 14:06:50  

PIPE JACKING to lay pipe underground proceeds in many big cities worldwide.
Places where peoples live require Sewerage Treatment Plants to treat huge waste & Pipe jacking to lay many sizes of pipes to it from buildings & houses.

Pipe jacking be laied underground with minimum disturbance of urban activities as well as with minimum public cost born by taxpayers.
In this brochure, we introduce features,general and mechanical specification.

1. Compact design

  • 2. Position Sensor in the Pilot Tube leading to efficient steering
  • 3. Easy & fast jacking to existing manhole available due to dividable 4. Pilot Tube, Casing and Screw.
  • 5. Elastic uPVC, ABS, Ceramic and Hume Jacking Pipe applicable due      to unique jacking system.
  • 6. Wide range of soil Applicable.
  • 7. Waste spoils without chemical material saves cost.
  • 8. Unique Pipe withdrawal to correct deviation.
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