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Why Do Chemical Plants Need Trench Drains?

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publish:2022-11-01 19:40:52  

Trench Drains Protect Workers From Chemical Spills

The most crucial reason for trench drains at chemical plants is that they prevent severe damage from leaks and spills. The drainage system catches chemical run-off and transports it somewhere it can be disposed of properly.

Without a drainage system in place, cleaning up chemical spills is difficult and dangerous since you’d have to do more of the work while at-risk of touching the chemicals. Depending on what your plant does, the chemicals could be harmful to make contact with.

A plant must ensure its workers have a safe environment, making reliable drainage trenches necessary.

Trench Drains Prevent Slips and Falls

Additionally, having quality trench drains can prevent workplace slips and falls. It’s not uncommon for chemical plant floors to get wet for various reasons. Drainage trenches can prevent parking lot run-off from overflowing and causing water damage and slipping.

Falls are always a workplace hazard but can be significantly reduced by implementing safety measures. In fact, many guidelines require that plants have drainage trenches, so you’ll want to ensure that your plant follows these rules.

Trench Drains Stop Water Building Up During Cleaning

Next, chemical plants also have a lot of machinery that requires frequent cleaning with water. The spray can easily run off the equipment, which builds up in the middle of the room.

If the plant cleans its equipment this way, you’ll want to ensure that you have proper drainage. The water from cleaning should travel into the trench drains, where it’s taken away and disposed of properly.

In short, trench drains are necessary to prevent water from gathering under equipment and in the center of the room during cleaning, where it could cause many different issues.

Trench Drains Act as Utility Transports

Trench drains can work as utility transports. These drains allow utility lines and more to run underground, where they’re out of the way to reduce hazards. Since chemical plants often have several utility lines, having trench drains in place makes it possible to keep them organized and safely out of sight.

These lines also come with several conditions and guidelines that chemical plants need to meet. If you’re unsure what to do, DuraTrench can help set you up with a quality system.

Trench Drains are Easy To Clean

Trench drains are also easy to clean with the right equipment, so you won't have to worry if there is a leak or spill. All of the methods you can use don't require anyone to make contact with the chemicals. Regular maintenance is also simple and keeps the system clean and free of clogs.

The most popular methods include hydro-blasting and the use of specialized cleaners. What you do will depend on the chemicals that travel through the drains, but our trench designs ensure cleaning remains straightforward.

Plus, if a spill occurs, they're much easier to clean than the ground. When chemicals get on the floor of a plant, there are very specific steps you need to take to safely clean the area while ensuring no trace of the chemical remains. Having a drainage system makes the cleaning process much easier.

Installing Trench Drains in Your Chemical Plant May Be Required By Law

Depending on your chemical plant’s materials, there may also be some legal requirements. You may need to have some kind of drainage system in place to ensure the safety of the staff present in the event of spillage or an emergency.

A trench drain can help keep the chemical plant up to code. You must understand the rules and guidelines in your area to know legally what the chemical plant is responsible for.

Custom Trench Drains Fit Every Facility

Lastly, you have many options for customizing your trench drains to fit your chemical plant when you choose DuraTrench. This feature is important because we can tailor-fit the drains throughout the plant.

You may even need to have certain sizes in different areas, which is why customization is necessary for chemical plants. Many chemical plants also handle different materials at once, so you can choose different trenches to match.

Overall, chemical plants need trench drains customized to their unique circumstances as well.

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